An Open Letter from the Canadian Conference

An Open Letter from the Canadian Conference

May 12, 2014

Dear CFM/AFM Member.

The 406 Referendum Website contains a segment of a 2013 report prepared by the Executive Board of the Conference of Canadian CFM Locals and directed at the International Executive Board of the Federation. The selected language may create the impression that the CC Board is in favour of the disaffiliation by La Guilde des Musiciens et Musiciennes de Quebec from the AFM.


The CC Board is made up of experienced, dedicated and caring individuals who administer Locals across Canada. They are acutely aware of the reality that united we negotiate, but divided we beg. That applies to persons as well as provinces and nations.

It is in the interest of Canadian musicians, wherever they may reside or perform that they are represented by one strong united organisation rather than by two or more, not only from a labour representative perspective but also from a linguistic/cultural point of view.

The CC Board and the CFM National Office have played a significant role in informing the IEB of the unique cultural/labour circumstances that are in place in Quebec. The IEB has come a long way making considerable human and financial resources available to la Guilde.

Divided we are less efficient representing the interests of musicians in Canada, including in Quebec. United internationally we are infinitely stronger and more effective throughout North America.

Neither music nor financial interests recognise borders. Our representative horizon needs to be equally broad. As we are not convinced that this disaffiliation initiative is driven by the membership, we urge you to carefully consider the above sentiments.

If you require additional information, the CC Board and its members look forward to hearing from you.

Fraternally Yours

The Executive Board of the Canadian Conference of Musicians

One thought on “An Open Letter from the Canadian Conference

  1. The concerns of the Canadian Conference (CC) are exaggerated and we have never given or wanted to give the impression that the CC supported our referendum. For transparency we have included the full report of the CC on our website. We quoted the recommendations that concluded the report of the Canadian Conference, in the document that traces the chronology of events that led to the referendum. Reading the timeline from the beginning help to understand the context of this report.
    We have quoted this passage in the conclusions of the Report:
    “The CEC recommends that the AFM to recognize its responsibilities to its members and to provide Local 406 necessary resources to meet the unique requirements imposed by the Quebec Act the status of the artist, and in the interest of all the musicians involved in the province of Quebec. These obligations include, but are not limited to , a necessary financial support for negotiations, translations and, if necessary , for staff carrying out its tasks. In addition, it would be beneficial for Local 406 to get the resources to make the lobby so that changes be made to the laws on the status of the artist and the labor legislation. These measures should be an ongoing commitment , with regular evaluation and an ongoing communication to maintain a realistic and productive relationship between Local 406 and the AFM, in the interest of all. The CEC recommends that the feelings outlined in the preceding paragraphs shall form the basis of a new productive model of the relationship between Local 406 and the AFM. ┬╗
    The AFM has not responded to the recommendations of the Canadian Conference .

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